Iran women difficulties they faced during

Abstract Background The aim of this study was to determine which predictors influence the risk of relapse among a cohort of amphetamine-type substance ATS users in Iran. Results Participating in more treatment sessions was associated with a lower probability of relapse.

Iran women difficulties they faced during

Download the full report in Persian Iranian officials orderedAfghans living in Iran with temporary visas and temporary permission to work under the regularization plan to leave the country after the visas expired on September 6,with no chance of extension.

As of this writing, Iranian officials had not yet implemented their plan to deport these Afghans. Attacks by the Taliban and other insurgent groups are the main factor in a 23 percent increase in civilian casualties in the first six months of compared with the same period in Declining international investment and development aid ahead of the deadline at the end of for full withdrawal of international combat forces is creating increasing economic insecurity.

What the Iranian Government Should Do:

Iranian legal restrictions and bureaucratic obstacles effectively deny newly arriving Afghans the opportunity to lodge refugee claims or register for other forms of protection mandated by international law and based on conditions in Afghanistan. Iranian policies deny the opportunity to legally challenge deportation to hundreds of thousands of Afghans in Iran who may face persecution or serious harm upon return to Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch found.

They are required to renew their refugee registration cards every year or risk deportation to Afghanistan. The Iranian government has instituted a complex and onerous process for Afghans to retain their Amayesh status.

The process includes frequent re-registration with relevant government agencies, without official assistance for those with limited literacy who struggle to understand bureaucratic procedures, and onerous fees, which many poor refugees cannot afford.

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Afghan deportees from Iran told Human Rights Watch that the smallest technical errors, including mistakes during the registration process, can prompt the Iranian authorities to strip Afghans of their refugee status permanently and deport them summarily.

Iranian police and security forces also violate the rights of Afghans and commit serious abuses while deporting them. Some of the Afghans Human Rights Watch interviewed had received legal status as refugees from the Iranian authorities, and many of them had spent many years or even decades in Iran.

Yet they reported that the Iranian officials who deported them denied them the time and opportunity to collect their wages and personal belongings, or even, in some cases, to contact their family members.

Although Iranian authorities have made efforts to educate Afghan children, many undocumented Afghan children face bureaucratic obstacles that prevent their children from attending school, in violation of international law. Iranian law limits Afghans who have permission as refugees to work to a limited number of dangerous and poorly paid manual labor jobs, regardless of their education and skills.

Afghan men who marry Iranian women cannot apply for Iranian citizenship, and the children of such marriages face serious barriers to citizenship. The Iranian government has also failed to take necessary steps to protect its Afghan population from physical violence linked to rising anti-foreigner sentiment in Iran, or to hold those responsible accountable.

A police officer came in and asked for our ID. We have no one in Mashad to help. We are going to Mazar-e-Sharif. We have no house there but we will try to rent a house and bring the children back from Iran. I was hit five times in the back of the head with an AK I was kicked in the chin after sitting up.

They kicked me in the chin and said go get in line.Challenges faced by women Women face numerous obstacles in achieving representation in governance. points out that those who "appear to be sexually active outside a monogamous heterosexual marriage run into particular difficulties, since they tend to be portrayed as vexatious vixens" Political socialization is the idea that.

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Iran women difficulties they faced during

Gabe Piccillo, School. Persia has become Iran & has an religious element (Shia vs the western Sunni), but on a broader note the last hundred years is a continuation of.

Politically, Iran was the first experiment in blending Islam and democracy—and the experiment is far from over.

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It continues to play out in an environment rife with rivalries and disparate interpretations of . Throughout their lives, Iranian women are forced to navigate a web of restrictions, imposed by law and custom.

Every aspect of their existence – from how they must dress in public, to the. The aim was to help patients cope with difficulties they faced during recovery. The topics included deal with cravings, impulsive sexual behaviors, lack of energy, dealing with families’ distrust, sense of shame or guilt, unwanted behaviors, and emotions resulting in drug use.

Dec 09,  · Most studies analyzed for this review revealed many challenges faced by men entering or working in a profession in which women are predominant (1, 3, 11, 14, 17, 30, 32, 36). However, most of these challenges are experienced by male nurses during their educational programs (11, 13, 17).

Iran: Afghan Refugees and Migrants Face Abuse | Human Rights Watch